Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 28

Hey Everyone!
Watch This!
So this week was Zone Conference in the mission, when all us missionaries gather together to talk and learn from the mission leadership and President Miller.

This conference we focused on the Spirit.
What the Holy Ghost is. How we can prepare to listen to it. How we can follow all it's subtle promptings.
The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit, The Still Small Voice.
He is the 3rd member of the GodHead. Without Him, We wouldn't learn and grow. And know for a surety that Jesus is the Christ.
The Spirit is neccessary to help us, and guide us, but especially to confirm the testimony of our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.
By the Spirit, our questions of "If God is really there?" or "Is Jesus Christ my Savior?" can all be answered.
So we all feel the Spirit differently, either a warm feeling in our hearts, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, a thought that comes to mind you didn't think of yourself, a feeling of comfort and confirmation, a still small voice.
How do you feel the Spirit?
and have you ever gotten an answer like that for those questions.
If not, I invite you to Pray, ask God if He is there, ask Him if Jesus Christ did die for you.
I promise you will get an answer, just Listen.
I know " the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things" Moroni 10:5.
I Know Christ Lives! I Know He is a glorified Being now, helping us to Follow His Example and be as He is.
I love the Holy Ghost, His daily guidance, He is what make this work, the Lords work.
Following the Spirit, I follow the will of God.
I Know Jesus Christ is my Savior, and that He lives!
Because He Lives....
We have the Restored Gospel, He and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith to establish His church once again on the earth.
...I can have Eternal Life with my Family.
...I can be clean, and forgiven for my sins. 
I know all of this because of the confirmation of the Spirit,
So I hope you all partake of my invitation. Just ask God.
Sister Libbey
Hope everyone enjoys Easter! and General Conference weekend, Listen to the living Prophet and Apostles!

Downtown Civic Plaza

On Exchanges with Sister Stokes!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 27

Hello Everyone!
Seriously the weeks just keep passing by so fast.
I hope it slows down!

This week, I went to a Mission Leadership Council.
We had a guest speaker, Elder Lynn G. Robbins from the Presidency of the 70.
He talked to us like a Gospel Principles Class which was really nice, very interactive.
He talked about Agency, and how making choices means Responsibility too. Being Responsible is a good thing. We get joy out of the good choices we make but of course with bad choices, many deny being responsible for the bad consequences that come.  So we talked about being responsible whether whatever faults came were because of us or not.
Being personally responsible is an attitude of a champion, and ultimately is Christ-like.
So question, are you taking full responsibility?

I can promise that being responsible for consequences leads to better days.
I took responsibility for all my bad choices, and repented/changed, which gave the most joy I have ever felt. Being responsible has made me a better person, and has brought me to the knowledge of the most joy I could ever had.

All things are better with the Atonement of Christ, and we always have a chance to become better through Him. All our pass mistakes, and I mean ALL mistakes can be wiped away through Him. We can be healed and perfect in Him.
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ.
-Sister Libbey

Fog on the Valley

Looks like Home plus Mountains

Hot Air Balloons!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 26

This week went by so fast! But Happy St. Patty's Day

Fun Fact: St. Patrick was a Missionary! Like me, but he brought Christianity to Ireland. And I get to bring Christ to the people of New Mexico so we are on the same team.

Well all is great here in New Mexico.
I love it here, and the work I do. I have joy everyday. Bring everlasting peace to people. And young people are searching for it!
Even if they aren't directly they really are. and the Gospel really fills all voids, all sorrow. It brings knowledge and peace, and Lasting Happiness.
It is beautiful. I love my Savior and His Gospel. I love His work.

Sister Libbey

Downtown Albuquerque with Sister Van Wagoner

Clouds and Sky for days...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 25

AHHH! Okay now this week was actually crazy. Sister Haywood is officially home in Washington.
And I got transfered! I am now just south of where I was, in the Los Lunas Stake. I am in a YSA branch! Which means with Young Single Adults ages 18 to 30. So over this huge area, a lot of south Albuquerque, down to Socorro.
I also have an amazing companion, who sadly is going home after this transfer. Sister Van Wagoner from Logan Utah.She is an amazing missionary and knows way more than I do. I have a lot to learn.
Side-note I just hit my 6 months mark, so for those missing me. I am a third of the way almost home.

But I love it out here, in the beautiful desert. And the people, oh man, I love them all. They are all childern of God, including you. And they all have spirits just trying to return to their Father in Heaven.
This truly is the Lords Work I am doing here. Gathering the Children of God. He is in everything I do every day! Especially here with the next generation of people in this world. The Lord wants them all, all of them to be blessed with the gospel. They almost fall out of the sky prepared to learn and live the teachings of Christ. 

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I feel so blessed to have that as a guide. The gospel is what brings us home,all we have to do is live it. Christ being the example, all he says is Come Follow Me and you will return to me and our Father. Only through Christ can we return Home.
I know it and I love Him for it. 
My only invitation is
Come see for yourself. Tell me if you aren't blessed for living the gospel.
I love you all and I hope for all of you  to return to your Father in Heaven. 
Much Love,
Sister Libbey

The Gospel:
1 Have Faith in Christ and His Atonement.
2 Repent or Change to be Better.
3 Be Baptised.
4 Receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.
5 Live the gospel forever :)

The Wild Wild West

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 24

This week was so much fun!!
We had a storm roll in and it snowed! It was beautiful, and I made snow angels.
Those who know me, know I haven't been in snow since I was 6 and I had pretty bad experiences.
So this, was GREAT! So much fun. I drove...and that was a bad idea. But all is well.

I don't have much time so I will just update you on news.
I am getting transferred, somewhere new!
Won't know till tomorrow morning so you will all find out next week.
I am excited, a new place. But definitely sad to leave this amazing ward of Volcano Cliffs.
And sad to see another great companion go home. But Sister Haywood has fulfilled her work.
And I am glad I got to spend her last days with her. I learned a lot.

I know that God calls us to places we need to be, and I know although we are weak, He makes us strong through experiences.
I am excited.
Love you All,
Sister Libbey

My Snow Angel

The ABQ-West Zone

Bosque District


Service Snow day

Baxter the Chug