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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The MTC and Week 1 in Albuquerque

AHHHH! Where do I start?!
Well my MTC experience was amazing. Definitely a lot of fun with the spirit. It's like EFY but with real work to do. I had the best Zone ever, we became family and I was sad to leave them.
Something awesome is, the spirit is so strong that literally everything you learn just gets absorbed like a sponge. I gained so much knowledge and revelation its crazy.
Sad note I got my first flu shot :(
Okay so yea week 1 in the field has already come and gone. I traveled from Provo to Albuquerque with 12 elders, leaving my favorite sisters to go to New Jersey. So we arrive around noon and we just did so much, a temple photo, some paperwork and even some contacting. It was a long day and then Tuesday I met my trainer!
Sister Beech!! Seriously a divine match, the best "mom" I could ask for.
So I believe because of the crazy change in environment and the flu shot I got a nice virus, a sore throat, so Sis. Beech has been putting up with me coughing up flem, lovely right?
But I was determined to really learn and be trained and get working so I fought through the loss of voice and coughing. And now I am miraculously better, prayers are answered.

So I am here in West Albuquerque, in the Volcano Cliffs Ward and I most definitely believe I am meant to be here. I have met so many people I feel like I have known for ages. And miracles have been happening! Little ones but it is definitely the Lords work.
I honesty love this gospel and this work.
I feel I am so blessed. Especially for where I am today.

I wish everyone well and happy birthday to many of my friends, you know who you are.

Much Much Love,
Sister Libbey

ps Green Chili is really good cooked in hamburgers and its been raining here :).

MTC District

Best Zone Ever


Sister Robinson, Best 1st Companion

Sister Beech

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