Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 67

Its crazy how time flies!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. We had lots of fun and I loved talking to my family :)
So now its time for the new year. Make more changes and progress!
I am excited for a fresh start and a fresh view on the year. Its going to be great :)

One thing that really stuck to me this season is the importance of all that Christ did. We wouldn't celebrate Christmas if it weren't for Easter. If He hadn't gone through with the Atonement we wouldn't celebrate His birth into this world.
I love Jesus Christ. He came so humbly and took on all the trials of the world. He overcame it all.
 It's so hard to comprehend all that He went through. But I know He did. I know He knows exacly how we feel through every trial. He loves each of us and that is why He came.

I hope we can strive this year to be even more like Him in all that we do.
I love you all!!
Happy New Year!
Sister Libbey

Christmas Morning!

Snowed! 5 inches :)

We walked to church!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 66

Hey! Oh My Goodness it's Christmas like this week!!!
I am so excited. We have been caroling all week! And its so fun, and brings such a great spirit. We are softening hearts and finding the elect.

So I have learned I have the most joy just teaching and studying the simple truths of the gospel. Especially the Plan of Salvation. God prepared this plan from the foundation of the world. He knows everything and knows our hearts and desires, He knows what will come out of all our decisions. He just hopes we will follow him so we can return with the most joy.
In Alma chapter 12 I read today the plan of redemption.
"32 Therefore God gave unto them commandments, after having made known unto them the plan of redemption,.."
He tells us the goals he has and the blessings then gives us the things we need to do to fulfill them.
God cares so much, and He gave us Jesus Christ so that we can have an example to follow. He sent the Savior to redeem and heal us. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and I love this time to think of Him and his humble birth. He has gone below us all and has overcome everything! :)

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas!!
Remember Him!
Sister Libbey

Yá'átééh Keshmish
Merry Christmas in Navajo

Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 65

HEY! Christmas is coming!!!
I am so excited. Its been a fun week of caroling and playing in Snow.
We also have a visitor for the Quorum of the 70. Elder Bennett. It was amazing the spirit he brought.
As a missionary we are doing the Lords work, and it is His and it's so amazing. We share the Most Important message you will ever hear!! It's life changing and its one of Peace and Love from God.

I just want to share a bunch of photos of the amazing week I had so here you go!!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 64

I am so excited for Christmas, this whole month is just my favorite as a missionary. Everyday we get to talk about Christ!!! And people accept us!
A Savior is Born, and I love it. watch BOTH videos on this site, they are amazing.

So I loved the Christmas Devotional that was given last night by the First Presidency. I loved the message of Hope, Peace and Love that the Savior brings.
I truely know and love that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to bring this to us, HOPE, and PEACE
and LOVE.
He loves us and Christ came into the world to Atone for us, to help us and guide us.
He just asks that we Remember Him, Love Him and Follow Him.
Christ was born into this world and He gave us so much! I love Him.
and I hope you all can love and cherish this season to Remember Him as well!!!

Watch those videos and tell me what you think!
Sister Libbey

Mosiah 16:6-9

Old Town

Sister Bodily is Amazing

A Savior is Born

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 63

Hope everyone was stuffed at Thanksgiving and especially with Gratitude for all you have.
Here are some scriptures we pondered this week, I will let you read them yourself.
In the Book of Mormon, Mosiah 2:20, Alma 7:23, Alma 34:38.
I loved how different they all are but all about Gratitude to our God for all he has given us.
I can honestly say I am, but I won't blab on, you have heard gratitude all week but one thing I am extremely grateful for is my family. For all of their support. Letting me leave them for a year and a half straight is hard. That is 2 Christmas', for some 2 birthdays and the daily time together is gone. But I am grateful for still always being there, to send love. Plus they don't have too much longer to wait now.
I am grateful for the Gospel that brings blessings as we live it.
I am grateful for our God, who is the provider and who just loves and protects us. I wouldn't be out here serving others for Him if He hadn't done so much already for me. :)
Life is really Good! God is Good! and The Gospel makes it happen.

I love you all and Grateful for you all too!
Sister Libbey