Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 49

Well Hello,
Here I am in a new ward, a family ward in the East side of Albuquerque.
The Indian School Ward.
I love it so far, very welcoming and loving, lots of home cooked meal and babies haha
I got a new companion Sister Rackley form Ohio.
She is the best obedient and diligent missionary I have ever met. Super excited for this transfer.
So this week just got to know the ward and teach a few people. I love it. Its a small area, we can bike when we want and we are right up against the mountains.

One thing I learned this week is changes bring blessings. If it be changes in us or in our lives, it always brings blessings. I love the great blessing of a fresh area and also for the changes I have seen in myself throughout my mission. I have done through a lot to be who I am right now and I love it. I feel so blessed for the person the the Lord has shaped me to be. Look at me, I am a daughter of God!
I love it so much.
Well there is great work to do to I must go. Take Care and don't be scared of change!!!
Sister Libbey

Sister Rackley :)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 48

AHHH! Crazy News. My Area is getting 2 new missionaries and I, Sister Libbey am going somewhere else!
So Sister Morco and I are both departing from the Manzano Branch, and have been saying our goodbyes, we leave early tomorrow morning.

In other great news Jon, who we have been teaching since early May, is now a member of Gods Kingdom :)
Something I think I overall learned here in this area is NEVER GIVE UP.
Don't just stop and don't give up on anyone. Be there and just try at everything and miracles will happen. The Lord is most definitely in all aspects of the work. He finds and puts people in our path for us. He nags us with his spirit to go see people that need a visit and the word of God.
Jesus Christ NEVER gave up on us, and will never give up. He loves us and sacrificed himself just for us. He makes everything right. He makes everything possible.
Just look to him I promise he will help and heal you! He healed me!
I love you all!
See you next week!
Sister Libbey

Adios Manzano!!!

President Fraley

Jon August 15th 2015
We shoot who we love

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 47

Oh Hey!!
Well This last week was great! All is well.
We had a few leadership meetings and our focus for helping God's work is commitment. Helping our investigators understand the commitments we leave with them helps them to practice faith in Christ. They are tools to act and find truth.
So my thought is what have we committed to do to help us build our faith.
Definitely the commandments of God direct and guide us what to do to progress.
Some of those commandments are to Pray, Study the Scriptures and go to Worship God on the Sunday. Each of these help us in different ways.
Prayer- a communication with the Creator. The source of speaking with the One who knows all Truth.
Studying the Scriptures- The sacred books with the words of God given to his chosen Prophets. A source of Truth. (Holy Bible, Book of Mormon)
Church- A place of worship to feel of the Holy Ghost and strengthen each other with what you know, a place to learn more for ourselves.

The common thing in theses 3 commandments is that the Spirit of God is involved. To Testify of Truth. God has given us the tools to seek, and He promises an answer to your questions with our efforts through His Holy Spirit.
I promise this too, when you seek for knowledge from God, He will teach and answer you through prayer, scriptures and speakers at church.
So will you all seek? Seek to know Christ and He will show you who He is.
I love you all! Now enjoy these millions of photos. We had a fun sister p-day at the Bio-Park. And a few photos that totally describe the YSA branch :)
Sister Libbey

Sister Morco and I

I-Spy Sister Missionaries and Sharks

Aquarium Sisters

Botanical Gardens

I'm a fairy
I can fit in an egg shell

I'm in a pumpkin!

Sister Albright 

Passion Fruit Flower?
Such purdy flowers

All my Sisters :)

We Feel the Love

Fun with water guns

Part of the Branch

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Week 45 & 46

Hello Y'all,
Last 2 weeks have been very crazy. But all is well.
Something I have learned is that God will always give you revelation when you seek diligently.
The best way I have received answers is of course through sincere prayer.  But God definitely likes when we show our faith a little. So fasting is a great way to show faith. Giving up 2 meals and water prayerfully and telling God you are doing so to show you want an answer. Fasting helps us to be spiritually in tune to strengthen ourselves in listening to the spirit. I have found that as I have prayed AND read my scriptures while fasting I have always without fail received revelation from God. 
I know God loves us all and wants us all to know Him, to speak with Him. And He always promises He will reply.
Like my favorite scripture which is on my mission plaque, it says:
"For he that diligently seeketh shall find; and the mysteries from God shall be unfolded unto them, by the power of the Holy Ghost.." 
That is a promise, just diligently seek and you will receive an answer by the Holy Ghost. 
I know this is true and that is how I have received all my answers, about the church, about God, about my life, they all took effort and sincere prayer.

I love you all and I hope you seek this week.
Sister Libbey