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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 2

This week has been super spiritual.
I would call it a week of revelation and reasoning.
Why I am serving a mission and my purpose here on Earth.
Well as General Conference is on it's way this weekend,
we have already had the General Woman's Broadcast which was really awesome and inspiring.
I loved Neill F. Marriot when she said "To give light to others. You must first glow yourself."
And Uchtdorf's analogy of our Heavenly Father raining blessings on us, and when we sin or doubt in him, we put an umbrella up and don't receive the rain.

So I suggest everyone watch general conference, where better to get deep answers than from our living Prophet and Apostles today, direct messages from God.
So go in with a question, and don't forget a journal to write your thoughts in.

Oh so there are lots of lightning storms here and I am not use to them, they kind of scare me a bit.
And I got to try fry bread so so so good, I wish I could have everyday.

Yesterday I got to go through the Albuquerque Temple, which is so beautiful especially inside.
Definitely my favorite right up next to the Oakland temple. 

This weekend is the Balloon Fiesta and I am right next to it, so there will be loads of photos of hot air balloons next week.

Much much Love,
Sister Libbey

Although the desert may be dry brown and depressing, the skies make up for it. Just Look Up.

Missionary Monday Sept 29th

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