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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 3

I am sorry I failed and got no photos of hot air balloons! But I saw like 2 in the I missed out too.

General Conference! Amazing as always. But I really enjoyed this one, there was a lot of love and concern shared I think.
My favorite talks were from:
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Dallin H. Oaks
Jorg Klebingat
Jeffrey R. Holland
James J. Hamula
M. Russel Ballard
Richard G. Scott
David A. Bednar

Pretty much all of conference right?

I also hear there is a movie coming out? Meet the Mormons
Go see it for me, I know it is playing in Santa Rosa back home in Cali so all that can go see it and tell me how it is.

So this week was great, a lot of inspiration I have been listening to a talk about the Spirit World, where we go next after this life and wow. It is called What's on the Other Side by Brent L. Top.
Brothers and Sisters, This world is not home, we are here to learn grow and become the best we can because we will return to our real home with out Heavenly Father someday and it will be hard to make up for our mistakes later than it would now. Make the best of today and strive for your best.

I love you all!
Sister Libbey

Looking over Albuquerque

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