Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 9

Hey Everyone!
This week just flew by and AHH time won't slow down.
Something that has really been on my mind lately is how precious time is.
For me serving my mission is extremely short and I need to use my time wisely. My mission is a privilege and I love it so much. I get to work side by side with my Savior, helping our brothers and sisters come closer to Him. I have been out 2 months and that only leaves 16 left.
This also reminds me of how short our life on earth is and how this is such an important time as well. This life is our time to grow, learn and experience. It is also our time to prove to our Father in Heaven that we will follow Him, this is our time to prove we can become like Him.
Well what are you waiting for!? Pray to Him for guidance, Read His word in scriptures.
Learn so you can know His will for you and Act in Faith, Do Good and Keep His Commandments.
He never said life would be easy, He only said it would be Worth it. So Live it.
There is so many blessings awaiting you, you just have to Ask for them.
Our Heavenly Father wants you to return to Him, and His Son, Jesus Christ made a sacrifice so you could. Partake in His Atonement, and become who you have the potential to be.

I love you so much.
Sister Sage Libbey

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