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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 22

Hey Hope Valentines Day was good!
This week was great.
I have been bothered to share experiences I have been having as a missionary so
Something cool that I have experiences is while finding people to teach.
Of course many people don't want to hear what we have to say, and are just comfortable with what they got. But of course we as missionaries keep seeking for those that are prepared to hear the restored gospel, those who have a desire to grow closer to their Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ.

There was a nice day that we decided to go contacting so walk the streets in a neighborhood and just talk to anyone that is outside. We prayed before to be guided to know what streets to walk down and what to say to each individual.
We walked and a nice young woman actually stopped and talked to us. She knew mormons and grow up going to many church dances as well. She wanted to learn more and now she is taking the lessons and really feeling the spirit.

So all I have to mention is that every interaction we have with people can leave a great impact.
It can of course affect them in the present but it can always leave an influence for later.
So always be a good example and always invite people.
Much Love,
Sister Libbey
Spyro the Beard Dragon=My Valentine

Cloudy Day

Streams of Light, looking over ABQ

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