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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 33 & 34

Sorry I am so terrible I didn't blog last week.
But Things here are amazing. We went to the zoo as a Sister P-Day.
We had loads of fun, and we have MLC (Mission Leadership Council) and had some great trainings on talking to people. We have seen many miracles from that.

So its a thing to just be scared of talking to strangers, I mean we were all told growing up to not talk to them so now being that we need to talk to everyone it is weird! haha I love it though, don't be a stranger and then it isn't weird. Everyone here is so nice, and if they aren't they miss out on our great message but someday they will get it.

We are all children of God, no one is a stranger, we all once knew each other and we all come from the same family. The Family of God :)

Well I really don't have much else to share but just don't be a stranger and talk to other people tell them who you are, and what you believe, you will be surprise who enjoys your conversation the most.

Love you all!
Sister Libbey

Ready for an explosion of photos?

Da Zoo

Talked to the Hippos
They like the concept of Eternal Families
Before the Rain came

They left him out in the rain!


He Accepted

And can definitely be Saved

Sister Morcos "Im cold & wet face"

The Sisters

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