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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week 36

Well Transfers have come and gone, and Sister Morco and I are still here!!!
Exciting to be with a companion for more than one transfer this time!

Miracles happen! Thats all I am going to say...
just kidding so yes miracles do happen, so lets call him JW.
So JW has been through a lot, making leaps and bounds to overcome addictions and to get back to the Lord.
The Gospel can change everything. Especially the Restored Full Gospel. JW is after only 3 months of being clean and 1 month of meeting with us is now overcoming all his challenges and is soooo much happier.
The Gospel brings joy and especially FREEDOM. The Lord and His Atonement can make all things possibly, even to be someone you never thought you would ever be. You can become who the Lord intended you to be with the help of Him!

I love this work, and especially the Lords Restored Gospel.
Hope everyone is having a great spring day and don't forget the one who provided it!

Sister Libbey

Little Anita's Date Night

oohh the Belen District

All my LOVE

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