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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 39

Happy almost Father's Day! to all you dads and grandpas out there. Maybe you future fathers too.
New Mexico is doing great, as well as I. So apparently I am at my half way mark, or was 3 weeks ago...I don't know. But I just hope time slows down a little. That would be great.

So lately we have been focusing a lot on our teaching skills and refining them and I just love it. We teach simply, just as the Savior did and ask questions and listen. Meet the needs of those we teach and especially listen to the Spirit of course.
The work of the Lord is just so amazing.
I know that Heavenly Father just loves everyone, all His children. He cares and wants you all to know who you really are. And who you can become.
I am so grateful for his tender love, as well as my own Father here on earth. I am so grateful for all the care and love I have received from him.
Love you Dad!

And hope you all have a great weekend with your Dads, and loved ones.
Sister Libbey

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