Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 40

IT'S HOT! Hello Everyone, it is hot in New Mexico and I love it!
Can you believe it is June, July is like just around the corner!
Well It's been great.
Today I studied a lot about the covenants God has made with His children and with us.
There are so many blessings in return for the obedience to His commandments He has given us.
I just find it so beautiful and amazing all the things God has provided us with. We have so many chances and opportunities to receive every blessing He desires for us. It is never too late. Never too hard. Everything is possible with the Lords Atoning Sacrifice. We can use His strength whenever and where ever. At all times.
I love all these promises God has given us. And I am so grateful for those covenants.
3 Nephi 5:25
I love you all!! Follow Christ
Sister Libbey

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