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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Week 67

Its crazy how time flies!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. We had lots of fun and I loved talking to my family :)
So now its time for the new year. Make more changes and progress!
I am excited for a fresh start and a fresh view on the year. Its going to be great :)

One thing that really stuck to me this season is the importance of all that Christ did. We wouldn't celebrate Christmas if it weren't for Easter. If He hadn't gone through with the Atonement we wouldn't celebrate His birth into this world.
I love Jesus Christ. He came so humbly and took on all the trials of the world. He overcame it all.
 It's so hard to comprehend all that He went through. But I know He did. I know He knows exacly how we feel through every trial. He loves each of us and that is why He came.

I hope we can strive this year to be even more like Him in all that we do.
I love you all!!
Happy New Year!
Sister Libbey

Christmas Morning!

Snowed! 5 inches :)

We walked to church!

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