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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 64

I am so excited for Christmas, this whole month is just my favorite as a missionary. Everyday we get to talk about Christ!!! And people accept us!
A Savior is Born, and I love it. watch BOTH videos on this site, they are amazing.

So I loved the Christmas Devotional that was given last night by the First Presidency. I loved the message of Hope, Peace and Love that the Savior brings.
I truely know and love that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to bring this to us, HOPE, and PEACE
and LOVE.
He loves us and Christ came into the world to Atone for us, to help us and guide us.
He just asks that we Remember Him, Love Him and Follow Him.
Christ was born into this world and He gave us so much! I love Him.
and I hope you all can love and cherish this season to Remember Him as well!!!

Watch those videos and tell me what you think!
Sister Libbey

Mosiah 16:6-9

Old Town

Sister Bodily is Amazing

A Savior is Born

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