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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 26

This week went by so fast! But Happy St. Patty's Day

Fun Fact: St. Patrick was a Missionary! Like me, but he brought Christianity to Ireland. And I get to bring Christ to the people of New Mexico so we are on the same team.

Well all is great here in New Mexico.
I love it here, and the work I do. I have joy everyday. Bring everlasting peace to people. And young people are searching for it!
Even if they aren't directly they really are. and the Gospel really fills all voids, all sorrow. It brings knowledge and peace, and Lasting Happiness.
It is beautiful. I love my Savior and His Gospel. I love His work.

Sister Libbey

Downtown Albuquerque with Sister Van Wagoner

Clouds and Sky for days...

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