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Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 24

This week was so much fun!!
We had a storm roll in and it snowed! It was beautiful, and I made snow angels.
Those who know me, know I haven't been in snow since I was 6 and I had pretty bad experiences.
So this, was GREAT! So much fun. I drove...and that was a bad idea. But all is well.

I don't have much time so I will just update you on news.
I am getting transferred, somewhere new!
Won't know till tomorrow morning so you will all find out next week.
I am excited, a new place. But definitely sad to leave this amazing ward of Volcano Cliffs.
And sad to see another great companion go home. But Sister Haywood has fulfilled her work.
And I am glad I got to spend her last days with her. I learned a lot.

I know that God calls us to places we need to be, and I know although we are weak, He makes us strong through experiences.
I am excited.
Love you All,
Sister Libbey

My Snow Angel

The ABQ-West Zone

Bosque District


Service Snow day

Baxter the Chug

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