Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 53

Well This last week was great, we were super obedient and saw crazy miracles, found some great people!!!

Something I want to talk about is about who we really are!
We are children of God, our spirits have a direct line to God as our Father.
His plan is for us to become as He is, and to grow and progress to be an heir to His throne.
Before you think I am nuts,  read this

This and the Spirit have taught me of this great truth. That we are all literal CHILDREN OF GOD!
You are a Son or Daughter of our loving Heavenly Father, as you live the commandments he has provided and just follow our brother Jesus Christ, you too can inherit all that the Father has.
I love this, it just reminds me of all the things I can do to become Him.
Every choice we make either lifts us or tears us down. But all good choices helps us become closer to being as He is.

I hope you read this talk prayfully and feel as inspired as I have felt.
I love you all!!! Choose the Right!
Sister Libbey

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