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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 59

So this week was Halloween! Hope everyone had a safe night, we had fun at our ward trunk or treat, passed out candy and Book of Mormons haha
A thought I had about this holiday being about the death, it just reminds me about the resurrection. All those skeletons and zombies will be resurrected some day because of Christ :) He covered it all, so that ALL mankind will be resurrected, don't have to do anything to receive that, its a pure gift for everyone. We will all live again, perfected and forever.

I love this thought, that there is so much more after this life but RIGHT NOW is the only moment we can progress and grow the most! Our Eternity hinges on NOW!
So quite wasting time, and get learning. Best place to start, God, learn of Him and our potential to be as Him, because we are his literal offspring.
Acts 17:28     Hebrews 12:9
Heavenly Father cares so much for each one of us, and all He asks is to turn to him, follow him and use His Sons Atonement.

I hope you all can find that and use all the tools he has provided to live with Him again, there is so much JOY in it!

Love you all!
Sister Libbey

Aren't we such Angels

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