Land of Enchantment

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 69

This week oh my has been crazy.
So much opposition therefore I have looked to the Lord.
This work is amazing, mostly because of all that the adversary tries to throw at it and it still lives and thrives on.
I have felt much opposition this week, a lot!
The weight of not being perfect is heavy.
I think all missionaries feel this at some point or another, that you just aren't cutting it.
BUT this is the adversary speaking, he is the only one trying to discourage us, the only one trying to weigh us down so that we turn away from this great work.
I have prayed a lot! Mostly for understanding and strength to keep pushing through.
Of course I have weaknesses that need improving we all do! But thats why the Lord has chosen us to do His work. He chooses the weak and simple to fulfill his purpose because it makes Us better!
He cares for all of us and through all our trials it shapes us to be more like Him.
Christ went through all that we go through, He knows and understands.
He is there to bear our burdens, to lift us, because He overcame.
I love this, it took me ages to figure this out. But the Lord truly cares. He lives!
I know He is involved in this world amongst the chaos. He is here being our light.
We just got to follow Him.
I hope you all have the best week. :)
I send my love,
Sister Libbey

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  1. Hello Sage, I have been meaning to email you. Sounds like it was a good Christmas talking to everyone. Things are well here in Springville. The kids are growing up and doing well. You Mom looks good as ever when I was able to face time with them over Christmas. We studied about the Iron Rod this morning. Hold to the Rod it will help all of us through tough times. -Miah-