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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 49

Well Hello,
Here I am in a new ward, a family ward in the East side of Albuquerque.
The Indian School Ward.
I love it so far, very welcoming and loving, lots of home cooked meal and babies haha
I got a new companion Sister Rackley form Ohio.
She is the best obedient and diligent missionary I have ever met. Super excited for this transfer.
So this week just got to know the ward and teach a few people. I love it. Its a small area, we can bike when we want and we are right up against the mountains.

One thing I learned this week is changes bring blessings. If it be changes in us or in our lives, it always brings blessings. I love the great blessing of a fresh area and also for the changes I have seen in myself throughout my mission. I have done through a lot to be who I am right now and I love it. I feel so blessed for the person the the Lord has shaped me to be. Look at me, I am a daughter of God!
I love it so much.
Well there is great work to do to I must go. Take Care and don't be scared of change!!!
Sister Libbey

Sister Rackley :)

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