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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 55

Hey! This week as been so much fun!
Things were crazy but we had a lot of fun, I love my golden girl. Sister Wilhelmsen. :)

So alright most important is the amazing things the servants of the Lord have spoken. There were so many great talks, I am just happy to know that prayers can be answered.
I went into conference with quite a few questions about various things, I prayed and told Heavenly Father my concern about each one. And each one was answered either by the speaker themselves or by the Spirit whispering to me. I love it.
Couple of talks that stood out to me:
Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the 70 talked about the things we need to steadily improve, How the Spirit can give us what we can work on it we ask sincerely and humbly "What Lack I yet?
I tried this and it works, I was given one thing to work on, not overwhelming but enough to pinch you into improvement.
Also Elder Devin G. Durrant, I loved the idea of ponderizing, we already kind of do that on our missions but now there is a word for it, haha. So right now I am ponderizing D&C 100:15, all thing will be worked out for their good if we are righteous and if it is for the Lord's church.

I'm sorry this is all somewhat dull but I really do love the inspiration of our leaders, of course there is so many more favorites I have from conference but I do hope you all watched it.
If not, just watch a talk a day!!! Like 15 mins each about....about. But I promise they are worth it, it's the words of the Lord just for you. He knows you and wants to guide you, you just have to listen.

I love you all and I hope you can grow from these inspired words.

Sister Libbey

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